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Digital Asset Protection Security
By Tyler W
November 02, 2022

Digital Asset Protection

One of the most common issues we encounter is that clients are not sure where to start in their cybersecurity journey. We understand, it can seem insurmountable, especially when combined with the pace at which technology develops, and the proliferation of attacks occurring. The inertia is palpable and as a result a common action is actually no action at all.

In order to get momentum we encourage clients to identify the critical components of their business or life that are non-negotiables when it comes to protection. If you know the assets that must be locked down and secured, it can greatly assist you in making positive steps in your cybersecurity journey.

Each person and enterprise will have differing requirements, as to what is of critical importance. It could be intellectual property, it could be client database records, it could be financial information, it could be family photos. There is no wrong answer, but it is a question you should answer; what can you not afford to lose? If you look at the current volume of attacks of ransomware, it is about exactly that, restricting your access to your most critical data.

You might be able to ‘survive’ and persist through attacks against less critical infrastructure (although ideally this would still not occur), but the chances of ‘surviving’ a successful attack against your most critical information could be more difficult.

Your cybersecurity defences do not need to be complete from the outset, and that is again, a common fear that is present at the beginning of engagements. As they say, “Rome was not built in a day” and you should not expect your cybersecurity defences to be completed in a day. The cybersecurity landscape is ever evolving, and as a result your cybersecurity defences need to be also ever evolving.

Do not fear cybersecurity, do not fear what you do not know, it is all about taking positive steps and adding momentum. So go away (but not just yet) and do the following:

1. Identify what your cybersecurity defences currently look like.
2. Determine your critical assets / data / information that must be protected.
3. Evaluate this against your existing cybersecurity strategies.
4. If shortfalls exist develop countermeasures as a means to enhance your overall security posture.
    4(a) If you are unsure what the shortfall may be, or how to improve your defences, engage a professional.
5. Continue to monitor your cybersecurity defences, and critical assets to ensure no gaps exist / appear.

You do not need to go through your cybersecurity journey alone, but you do need to acknowledge that an awareness is a requirement in the current climate. Make a start to improve your defences, and minimise your risk towards your critical assets. The cybersecurity community one is very much a sharing one, and if you need assistance you need only ask.

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