Open Source Intelligence Investigations

Locating the data hiding in plain site

Open Source Intelligence Investigations

As experienced OSINT investigators we are able to deliver information about a target using freely available data, but not always easily accessible or found. Open Source Intelligence is about knowing where to look, and like any investigative science requires triangulation and verification to ensure the information is accurate and reliable. We utilise our open source intelligence experience and education to assist clients in many matters, including, but not limited to:

In order to remain current in such a dynamic field we undertake continuous development, ensuring that techniques discovered are beneficial, ethical and effective.

We are passionate aboue using OSINT skills to protect our clients and to deliver a complete service in regard to other service offerings with strong documentation to ensure any case facts can be easily interpreted and relied upon. If you require information, but you do not know what exactly, or where to look for it, consider engaging Wise Forensic Services to conduct an investigation for you.

OSINT Assistance

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