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Online Privacy, Security & Anonymity

Cyberwise is an organisation focussed on ensuring the maximum level of digital privacy and security for our clients. We deliver our services through plain English solutions, and look to ensure that our cybersecurity outcomes do not add any inconveniences or business inefficiencies. We appreciate that cybersecurity is only one component to a successful business operation, and look to tailor solutions to your particular circumstances, as opposed to forcing a one-size-fits-all approach.

We bring our experience across several disciplines to provide a complete service offering to our clients, and are a business built on key principles of integrity, confidentiality and accuracy. We take pride in delivering these to our clients through our services and engagements. With vast experience in accounting and digital forensics we are able to provide a unique service, providing answers and information where others cannot find it. We treat every engagement as extremely sensitive and adhere to the strictest of confidentiality protocols, as well as robust evidence handling procedures.

Whether you are looking for accounting abnormalities, potential theft, criminal activity, personnel vetting, or threats to personal well-being we have the skill-set to solve your problem. As investigations may end up in court we are able to provide strong documentation of processes undertaken, and expert testimony. For the cases that are not court bound, such as civil cases, we are also able to provide robust documentation and data to ensure any decisions made are from an informed position.

We expect the best from ourselves, with our clients valuing this, and that is why we are often engaged for sensitive and time critical matters. With deliberate resource allocation we are able to advise in advance if we are able to complete a scope within the allotted time frame, and keep you informed as the investigation progresses.

When you need certainty, when you need answers, when you need confidentiality, you need Wise Forensic Services, and we would love for nothing more than the opportunity to work with you.

So please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to working with you.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am just an individual who needs assistance, can Cyberwise still help me?

    Absolutely! We assist anyone and everyone, with experience assisting high profile / wealth individuals improve their online security and anonymity to reduce the possibility of future attacks. We offer one-on-one training, and bespoke solution deployment. Regardless of what you need Cyberwise can assist you, no matter your size.

    We also can assist in time critical and senstive incidents, where increased security and anonymity is required urgently and descretely (such as domestic violence victims). We have the strictest confidentiality protocols as part of our engagement process.

  • What makes a strong password?

    We recommend pass-phrases, a series of words that mean something to you, that you can remember but cannot be easily guessed or attacked by a bad actor.

    Passwords are still very popular, and are not going anywhere, so when you are setting a password we recommend three simple rules: complex, unique and long. Complex means using non-alpha-numeric characters as a part of your password; unique means making sure your password is a single-use password and does not appear in multiple locations; finally, the longer the password the better (aim for at least 12 characters...but as long as you can). While these features of a strong password can seem overwhelming, a password manager can assist in achieving these critical password security features.

  • What does the anonymity service you offer mean and do?

    The Internet is essentially a 'public open space' and with the volume of information freely available we specialise in helping clients protect future versions of themselves by taking additional preventative measures from the outset. No, we will not help you hide any illegal activities, but what we can assist you with is:

    • Limit the amount of personably identifiable information available on you, and teach you about this.
    • Using Australian entity structures to generate a layer of anonymity.
    • Assist, and train in the use of privacy focussed applications and operating systems.
    • Replace existing daily processes with more anonymous and secure methods (such as disposable credit card payment options).

    Adding anonymity to online and daily activities is a key component of the Cyberwise service model, and something the team is very passionate about.

  • What are Notifiable Data Breaches?

    If you deal in personably identifiable information you may be subject to the Privacy Act, and in which case should you suffer an attack / leak / breach and such information is exposed you may be required to disclose this information to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, and to your clients, as part of the Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) regime.

    We have extensive experience in the NDB, and specialise in assisting micro-business navigate this area, and ensure compliance (whilst putting countermeasures in place to limit risks and attacks).

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