OPSA Podcast Episode 1

OPSA Podcast Episode 1 Podcast
By Tyler W.
February 14, 2021

OPSA Podcast Episode 1

In episode one the team at the OPSA Podcast share some privacy and anonymity tips, starting with understanding Private Mail Boxes.

Welcome to episode one of the Online Privacy, Security and Anonymity podcast. This episode, we work through some online privacy challenges. We look to discuss the security around private mail boxes – largely that you must read the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy. Failure to do so could result in the security benefit of a personal mail box being undone, entirely.

We also go through some challenges of anonymous payments, using Revolut disposable virtual credit cards. Still testing but we look to share some of the issues we have identified.

Finally, we discuss the means undertaken to acquire an anonymous (mostly) top level Australian domain.

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