OPSA Podcast Episode 2

OPSA Podcast Episode 2 Podcast
By Tyler W.
March 07, 2021

OPSA Podcast Episode 2

This week the team at OPSA, discuss top level domain acquisitions, why you should consider a hardware VPN, and some search engine alternatives.

Welcome to Episode 2 of the OPSA podcast, where we discuss tools, tips and techniques to improve your online privacy security and anonymity. This week we are specifically discussing:

Search Engine Corrections

Do not use google I referenced “google” a couple of times in episode one and what I really meant was the verb, not the noun. Replace google with a better search engine:




I meant the term google as a verb, as opposed to the noun.

Top Level Domains and Entities

Consider using a trust to acquire a top level domain in Australia. We will explain how to do this, and also how you may acquire a company anonymously in certain situations.

Hardware VPN’s

Consider a hardware VPN as a fail safe, which is something we all factor for!

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