Password Stealing with a Bad USB

Password Stealing with a Bad USB Security
By Tyler W.
February 26, 2021

Password Stealing with a Bad USB

You must not rely on your browsers for your password security. Convenience is the trade off for security, and it is a trade you should not make.

We are constantly stressing to our clients the need to protect their data, and the use of unique, complex and long passwords. However, we also look to compound this methodology with the use of a password manager, as failure to rely on other methods is an incomplete process. The worst thing you can choose to do is to store your passwords on your browser, and in this video we evidence how these are able to be stolen / socially engineered with the use of a USB rubber ducky / bad usb.

It is able to use this device, among other techniques to steal browser stored passwords, from any browser, however we have selected Chrome on Windows as this is the most popular operating system / browser combo in the world.

If you require any assistance in securing your data, introducing a password management system or educating your team, please reach out and we will gladly assist.

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